Welcome to Our Blog!


To start, I would like to wish everyone a most happy 2019 and a successful spring semester. I am also excited to announce that the library is launching a blog and that I am honored with writing the first blog post. Being asked to kick-off our blog forced me to reflect on blogs in general. Specifically, I was asking myself what do we hope to accomplish through our blog and what might people find interesting?

I believe our primary goal in establishing this blog is to share various thoughts and opinions, generate discussion, and get people thinking… about sometimes serious issues and sometimes fun issues. Of course, I suspect that most of our topics will be at least peripherally library related, but libraries are a happening and evolving arena so there is much to discuss. Trust me. There is.

Here are a few things the library is thinking about and a few things you will be hearing from us about.

  • Tactile, interactive learning through the I-Create lab
  • Service excellence
  • Information and digital literacy and the SACSCOC Quality Enhancement Plan
  • Collection development and access vs. ownership
  • Migrating our library management system
  • And oh so much more…

More than anything we want to communicate with you and this includes hearing back from you. Please let us know your thoughts on any and everything as you so wish. We welcome comments on our blog and social media channels and we have an online suggestion box that you may not know about. Thoughts shared through that channel are completely anonymous. It can be found in the footer of our library homepage represented by a square and pencil.

Have a great semester everyone!