Mediasite, what is it and who can use it?

As part of a joint venture between the Library and the University Technology Council (UTC) to bring a video streaming service to the campus community, Mediasite was selected for a one-year pilot program in the fall of 2017. After a successful test phase Mediasite has been in full production since the fall of 2018.

So, what is Mediasite and who can use it?

Well in the library we use it for our video course reserve materials. Pretty much gone are the days when students had to come to the library to checkout and view video materials assigned by their professor. Now faculty can place a library copy, or their personal copy, of a video on reserve in Mediasite and students can review that video within Blackboard from the luxury of their living rooms.

The feedback we have received from faculty and their students has been nothing but positive. Students really enjoy that sense of independence and freedom to choose when and where they can view a course reserve video and not have to walk, drive, or take a shuttle, to the campus library and then hope the video is available and not being used by a classmate.

Can university staff request videos be placed in Mediasite?

Yes, as long as it is university related business it may be eligible to reside in Mediasite. We recently uploaded symposium videos for the College of Nursing & Health Sciences and a series of webinar videos for the Office of Distance Education and Learning Technologies. So, if you are a professor looking to expand your educational tools or a staff member that would like to share business content, contact the library and we will be happy to assist and answer any questions you may have.

Would you like to view a short video created by one of our excellent librarians? Here’s a video on how to perform a Quick Search. 

Contact Abel Cantu at for more detailed information regarding the Mediasite/Blackboard upload process. Faculty may also contact staff at the Circulation Desk at for information on placing library-owned or your personal videos on reserve for an upcoming class.