Things to Do During Quarantine

Hello everyone,

This is Ali Swar, student assistant for Access Services in the Mary and Jeff Bell Library. I am going to discuss things different people with different preferences can do during isolation.

Below you’ll see different things to do separated into different topics, where you can go read about what interests you and skip any subjects you may be uninterested in (however, I will still recommend that you go through all of it to explore your options). Hopefully this will motivate you to stay home, all while making the most of your time.


You can search 3-5 interesting recipes like I did, then learn how to make them, like:

  • Macaroni Bechamel (1st Photo)
  • Chicken Biryani (2nd Photo)
  • Omelet (3rd Photo, it’s like the those they make in hotels, trust me they taste different)
  • Chicken Masala (from my mother – where I got to know how much butter they put in and how bad is it for my health). 

Cooking takes time and you will fail before making the perfect dish, but it will keep you busy and get you to learn something new. Trying to learn to cook guarantees that you will end up either eating a very good homemade meal or a really bad homemade meal. Regardless, the element of surprise is always there.

Home Workout

The second thing I would recommend is working out. I am an outgoing person who needs to go to the gym. Isolation forces us to workout at home. However, I used an alternative approach where I made some goals to increase my strength. I am challenging myself to do

  • 100 push-ups
    • 25 reps in 4 sets
    • 2 minutes rest between sets
  • 25 pullups in one set

My goal is to achieve this by the end of the month. This method is not as good as going to the gym, but it is faster and I find myself motivated when I see the results day by day. You can always go more intense and workout much harder if you want great results, but this works for me.

Reading and YouTube

A third idea is deciding what to read and watch. I know many people like reading but I suggest you go to the best popular stories within a genre you have never tried before and start from there.

For people like me, who find it really hard to read, I would recommend you pick an interesting topic and find a YouTube channel with a good presentation where you can just start watching while eating or in bed before you go to sleep. I choose different YouTubers like Steve Harvey for comedy, Fool Us for magic and entertainment, SmarterEveryDay for mostly engineering topics, and so on. These videos consist of short clips and I can watch one after another, gaining knowledge, laughter and new ideas.

Other Ideas

These are some of the main ideas I thought about discussing with you. Some other ideas can include:

  • where you can learn how to meal prep in order to save money, or get healther, and learn something new
  • Calling friends and relatives to have some fun, or to watch NetflixParty together
  • Or you can also ignore all of this and play video games all day, as I do for some of my boring days as a change in my

Take Care