How to Study Better at Home

For most of us, the library was a place to “get it done.” It created an environment for the sole purpose to improve studying and it had resources in one convenient place to do so. For me, these past few weeks transitioning to online learning have been difficult. So, I listed a few tips that have helped me adjust and may help you all as well.


I cannot stress this step enough. Studying at home means you’re going to be home… a lot. This means siblings bothering you, parents nagging you, and the ultimate distraction, your bed. So, you need a place of quiet solitude that mimics that of a library. So, clear off your desk, and if you’re up to the challenge– rearrange your room.

I get some people may not have a desk, but the only real place to study productively is your bedroom. For that I suggest you invest in an adjustable over the bed table, these are primarily used in hospitals but will work great as a desk area all in the comfort of your bed. Before you go out and search for one, ask someone in your family if they have one you can use. I use my grandfathers; it truly is a game changer opposed to just studying on my bed. If all else fails, amazon has one for $53!



One of the main things that brings people to the library are the free course materials your professors put on loan for their students use. Many people are under the impression these are no longer available.

Some, but not all books, can be accessed on the Mary and Jeff Bell library website, so I encourage you to give that a try. Some textbook companies are offering free e-book access for a limited time, if this is applicable toward your classes, your professor may have already emailed you about it.

Another convenient resource is LibraryGenesis, which is a website where you can access downloadable books.

If you still cannot access your books, remember online classes are just as much of a burden for you as they are for our professors. As long as copyright laws are taking into consideration, your professor may be able to send out a chapter or two to get you started.


I was always motivated studying in the library. It may have been something about being in an environment and seeing everyone so disciplined and getting their work done that encouraged me to get my work done.  Online classes require a lot of discipline, so my next tip is a study buddy. With a lot of your friends working from home, this may be difficulty – but there are ways (Zoom comes to mind). If you can pull it off, I highly recommend this.

Everybody studies and learns differently. Yes, the impact that COVID-19 has had on our lives is a huge inconvenience, but it does not have to be a burden. My last recommendation is do what works for you. Get creative and have fun. Do the things you would not be able to if you had to attend class in person. For me, that is having my cat in my lap, blasting music, and a face mask off.

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