Building with Books: The Holiday Edition

Libraries like to celebrate the holidays, too! Here are some festive displays from libraries that incorporate books and evoke the holiday spirit.

First, we have some pretty cool snowpeople shared in the thumbnail of this post!

From left to right:
Sonja Shulz, a high school librarian in Texas, built this great snowman

From Gina Sheridan’s blog, “I Work at a Public Library”

Courtesy of Irwin Library at Butler University, here’s another snowman built on a base made of reams of paper and sporting a top hat made of books

We can find enough trees built of books to make a forest! Here are three beautiful examples:


From left to right:
Houston Public Library (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Delaware Division of Libraries

State College of Florida Libraries

We did a book tree at Bell Library back in 2012. Do you recognize the old Circulation Desk in the background?


The folks at this Law Library even created a festive hearth from books!


And, although it doesn’t involve books, I couldn’t resist sharing this gorgeous photo from the Library of Congress, where they decorate a spectacular space beautifully for the holidays. This picture was taken in 2016, when social distancing was clearly not in effect!


From the Library of Congress Blog

Wishing you a happy holiday from all of us at Bell Library!