Inclement Weather Blues

How often have you heard someone say, “Nice weather we are having today.” In the past, this brief comment about the state of the weather might have been little more than a pleasant, passing thought to many. The sun is shining, people are walking around, getting vitamin D the natural way through the warm rays of the sun.  Thinking back on the incredible freeze that descended upon the state of Texas merely a few short weeks ago, the glorious sunshine and gentle breezes that surround us today inspire such a peaceful feeling of calm and well-being. 

The recent inclement weather episode presented itself as a case in our history so severe that it had not been seen for about thirty years, according to some news reports.  Many of us experienced the freezing cold in our homes with the lack of electricity at times.  In my own family’s experience, we had to go outside, wrap the pipes with newspaper, and leave the outside faucets dripping in the hopes that they would not break, monitoring them periodically throughout the cold wave.  We also had to leave the inside faucets dripping as well for the same reason.  We were lucky. The pipes did not break. 

When the weather eventually began to clear up and went back to normal, I immediately felt grateful for the warm sunshine. For me, there is now a conscious appreciation of the wonderful weather these days. It may seem like a small thing, but compared to our collective, challenging experience with extremely cold temperatures just a short time ago, I am quite content to enjoy the current, warm weather we are having. 

*This post was written by our Cataloging & Metadata Librarian in early March. She has since retired after many years of service to the Bell Library and Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. We will certainly miss her, but we also wish her a very relaxing and happy retirement full of warmth and sunshine!!

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