Lego Wall at the I-Create Lab

The I-Create Lab has continued to find new ways to keep the creative flow in the lab. Since COVID restrictions, the lab has had to close study rooms, limit people in the lab, and halted the use of some equipment such as the Oculus rift. The lab knows this is all in protection for itself and its patrons. However, like most people, the staff and many of our patrons miss the time before COVID.

To keep the creativity in the lab the staff has started a Lego wall. Many of the lab’s Legos were donated by staff members and students. When Legos are donated to the lab the donor’s name will be made into a sticker and placed on a block. This block will then be shown on the Lego wall. The lab loves to recognize the many staff members and patrons that help with the creativity in the lab. With the donated Legos the lab has created everything from the Harry Potter night bus to their own houses. The I-Create Lab loves to show off Islander pride so one student worker created the Islander I! While building the Legos, the lab has constructed a wall to place the logos on. The finished creations are being placed now.

Making these Legos has been a great way for the staff to keep their minds working hard and has inspired other projects. Patrons are not allowed to make Lego creations now due to COVID, but many who have come in to see the Lego wall have been very impressed and inspired by the lab’s work. The I-Create Lab wants projects like the Lego wall to keep creativity in students’ lives.

While these times might be hard, students and staff can always find a creative outlook at the I-Create Lab.

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Check out some of our Lego creations below!