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If you’re like me, or most people during quarantine, you probably have not been doing much of anything. Snacking, binging TV shows, sleeping, and playing video games have been most of the things I have been partaking in with my extra time available. Without the everyday commute to school, with the addition of just being active walking to classes, trekking the campus, and just being social, it is safe to say I have probably put on a few pounds that I am looking to ditch. Well fear not fellow Islanders, there is an upcoming event that can help you to eradicate those unwanted pounds you may have put on during quarantine! The event is called 2020 Strongest Islander: Home Edition. With this event, Islanders are welcomed to participate in a 5K run to challenge themselves. The goal is to see who can run the 5K the fastest, but in the end why not try to better yourself and get active? To sign up, you can go to the link provided at the end of the post. In order to compete, you must choose your location; this can be a treadmill you have, or a local park or open trail that you frequent. Although this is a competition, it is a great way to keep active during these reclusive times spent mainly indoors. Right now, there are only two competitors signed up, so you’re guaranteed third place if you sign up now and nobody else does! I hope you guys get inspired and participate! Stay healthy Islanders!

Strongest Islander Competition – Check it out here!

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Jonathan Cabrera

Access Services Student Worker

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