Bringin’ Book Talks Back!

Do you ever get excited when someone nerds out in a way that resonates with you? I was lucky enough to have that feeling last week when Dr. Jarred Wiehe gave a Book Talk with the Library on Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s Mexican Gothic. As a former English major who was (and still is!) into magical realism and uncanny fiction, Moreno-Garcia’s book ticked all the boxes!

Isolated house on a hill? Check.

Scary patriarch? Check.

Blurred lines between reality and hallucinations? Check.

Weird wallpaper? Hella check.

Book Cover of "Mexican Gothic"

Dr. Wiehe joined the Library virtually on Tuesday, October 19th to share with attendees the history of the genre Gothic Horror, and explain some of the literary context for Mexican Gothic. As Dr. Wiehe says—it was basically a dumpster fire. White men who were real creepy about race, lineage, and blood, and who were super into legitimizing oppressing women, people of color, and differently abled folks basically created this genre. But, As Dr. Wiehe taught us, Moreno-Garcia basically flips the script against the icky racists! She uses her knowledge of the genre’s tropes to empower her heroine and shed light on the ways stereotypes can explode and genres can expand into new realms when we listen to stories by authors whose voices aren’t always highlighted.

If you’re interested in learning more about Mexican Gothic, Gothic Horror as a genre, or looking for recommendations for what to read or watch when seeking spooky aesthetics—check out the recording of Dr. Wiehe’s Book Talk. You can find the recording of his talk, previous Book Talk recordings, and the list of upcoming Book Talks on this guide for workshops and Book Talks at Bell Library.

Out next and final Book Talk of the semester is on November 8th with Dr. Sinae Lee who will be talking about Modern Korean Fiction, an anthology collection of, you guessed it, modern Korean fiction! I can’t wait to nerd out with Dr. Lee!! Please join us at 3pm on the 8th to learn about Modern Korean Fiction and get to know Dr. Lee!

Book cover of "Modern Korean Fiction: An Anthology"

Interested in hosting a Book Talk yourself? Reach out to me at! I’m always looking for more presenters!

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