Prepare for the Cold Weather

As many of you can feel the cool winds we’ve had, there is an ominous and inevitable truth following this delightful weather. The cold weather is coming. I would say the tagline from that one HBO show, but I can’t remember the tag line or the name of the show, Game of Chairs? Conflict of Thrones? Either way, that cold weather is soon to come a knocking, and it would be a great idea to start preparing our homes for the approaching winter. “Winter is Approaching.” I think that’s the tag line from the show.

Thank you for asking that very important question to continue this blog post: “Christopher, what are some simple steps to help us keep heat in our homes during this cold season?” Well, much like how Jim Snow had to prepare for his war against the Ice King in the show, we can do some simple preparation that can help us be a little more comfortable.

Option 1: Door Draft Stopper

A door draft stopper

Stop that sweet, sweet warm air in your room from escaping by putting a door draft stopper on your door. If your door is like mine, where my dog can put his paws through the bottom, and guilt-stare me for not letting him in while I eat food, then that means we’re losing warm air to the draft circulating in our home. You can also make one yourself if you’re into it, or just throw a towel under it if you’re not, I won’t judge you…..

Option 2: Window Insulation

A person is putting a hair dryer up against a window. Plastic wrap covers the tops of the windows.

What’s going on in this picture? Is this person fighting against the Ice Emperor with a hair dryer and a dream? Yes and no! Some of us are unfortunate to have windows made of glass, and those glass windows can become extremely cold during winter. Window insulation kits are used to help reduce condensation build up and seal air leaks on the windows. I need to do this soon because we have another cold front coming in a couple days and my windows get colder than the sibling rivalry between The Canine and his big evil brother, The Hill. As was seen during the popular TV show Contest of Seats.

This concludes my short and bitter guide on options to reduce the cold air in our homes during this winter season. I hope that you enjoyed these options and I hope you enjoyed watching Danerus Stark riding those flying lizards into battle against the Night Monarch.

Thank you,

Christopher Luzania
Resource Management and Discovery

Library Specialist II