Spooky, Scary Skeletons… and Decorations!

If you passed by the I-Create Lab during October, you may have seen some unlikely decorations. All of October the student workers in the I-Create lab prepared for Halloween. The student workers wanted to show off all equipment in the lab as well as their own skills. Starting with spider web doors done by student worker Soleil. Wanting to show off her own skills rather then a machine. To create the door web, you must create the base of the web. Start by overlapping string and taping the ends to the side of the door. Follow this by tying a knot on the inner part of the web. Take the string and go over the under the following stings in the base continue this until the web is. full. And ta-da! Your own spider web door!

Image of an I-Create Lab door with a spider web made of string strung across it.

The students also wanted to include some spooky friends to the lab. Deciding on printing out iconic horror villains. The lab printed out them on the large format printer some may know how to use the printer already. However, just as a recap the large format printer in fifty inches in width and the height is (almost) unlimited. Meaning a patron is only restrictive by the width of the printer. When preparing a file to be printed please have an eps file. An eps file is a file type within Adobe Illustrator. Save the eps file to a flash drive and come to the lab to print! If a patron does not have access to Adobe Illustrator, they are more than welcomed to use a MAC or PC in the I-Create Lab. The lab also has flash drives to use if a patron forgets theirs or does not have one.

Image of an I-Create Lab door with the a cut-out of the character the Hash-slinging-slasher from Spongebob Squarepants.

Student workers noticed the ceiling was looking a little empty so, they decided on creating Halloween garlands! The garlands were created easily on the Circuit Maker. Student worker Soleil created each file on the Circuit design space. Using free files from the website and editing them to the right shape and size. After this paper was placed on a sticking mat and placed into the Circuit Maker. From here the machine does all the work, however, keep an eye out for any mistakes or mishaps. If a patron has never used this equipment no worries the staff is ready to help anyone out!

Image of a string with paper cut-outs of ghosts, pumpkins, and bats hung in the I-Create Lab.

The I-Create lab hopes patrons and staff enjoyed the Halloween decorations. We are hoping to go bigger and better each year. With the holidays coming close the lab has some big ideas for more projects! Please come by and see what the I-Create Lab has in store this year. You may be inspired and create your own decorations using the lab!