Unplugging over your Winter Break

Finals are upon us, and the 2021 Fall Semester is almost a thing of the past. This year has no doubt presented you with many new challenges in both your academic life and beyond! Whether you are done with your finals or still need to take them, enjoy the time off and the holidays, don’t forget to “unplug” during this winter break.

Whether you work or do schoolwork on a computer or spend your free time on a smartphone, watching TV, or gaming tech fatigue can easily settle in. It is important to take some time to unplug, step away, and recharge. Not sure how to unplug? Check out the quick videos below from LinkedIn Learning for a few tips on getting started.

What is LinkedIn Learning? LinkedIn Learning is an online training resource that features thousands of video tutorials and training resources about business, technology, and creative skills. As a TAMU-CC student, you have free and unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning! The subscription for the university offers unlimited access to a vast library of engaging video tutorials and industry-leading content taught by recognized industry expert instructors in leadership, project management, graphic design, software development, and much more. Use your university email to sign to https://www.linkedin.com/learning and watch short videos on:

Need a break from the screen ASAP? Pop in a pair of headphones, wander away from your desk, and simply listen to the content above instead of watching. If you are looking for full length audio-only courses, check these out:

Use the LinkedIn Learning mobile app to download courses for offline viewing and listen podcast-style while you’re out walking, running errands, or just going for a drive.

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