Oh, There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays: At-Home Library Resources!

When I used to think of “the library,” I would think solely of it as a physical place: the colorful walls and cozy carpets from when I was little, to the computers, printers, and quiet study areas from when I was in college.

However, working in a library has opened my eyes to all the other possibilities of how you can use library resources without having to be at the library! And there are lots of resources and activities that are not just for academic research which, while important, may not be something you’re into during your break.

I’ve been making plans for how I might use some of our online library resources while I’m at home. I’m going to share my ideas now to help inspire you to think of ways you can use library resources at home and on-the-go!

Oh, What Fun! Event Recordings on YouTube 

Last week we had our final workshop of the semester, Fun Stuff at Bell Library, which actually inspired this blog post! During that workshop, Emily Metcalf, our Instructional Services Librarian, and David Jones, our I-Create Lab Coordinator, shared many of the amazing and fun things the library has to offer. I recommended saving their handy, go-to Fun Stuff guide which they dive into during their workshop!

On our YouTube channel, you can find the recording of this virtual workshop along with recordings of our other Virtual Workshops, Book Talks, and Outstanding Faculty Speaker events. I’m looking forward to going on our channel and catching up on the Book Talks that I’ve missed in the past!

Graphic that says, "Eyes All Aglow: Streaming Media and eBooks"

Eyes All Aglow: Streaming Media and eBooks

This holiday break, I want to spend a little time getting in-touch with my creative-side and at least watching things for inspiration! I’m super interested in checking out the animated films and classic movies we have on our streaming service, Kanopy. I really appreciate the way that Kanopy is organized by genres and highlighted topics, which makes it easy to search for things as well as discover new shows and movies. All TAMU-CC students, faculty, and staff have access to Kanopy with our IslandID!

We also have an eBook collection which I’m planning on browsing. If you visit our library homepage and use our Quick Search bar, you can refine your search by checking the boxes “Book/eBook” and “Full-Text Online” for eBook-only results. Again, I highly suggest watching our Fun Stuff at Bell Library workshop recording where Emily shows how to do this along with sharing super helpful tips, such as how to narrow your results by author.

Graphic that says, "You know Dasher, ad Dancer, and...Flipster? Virtual Magazines!"

You Know Dasher, and Dancer, and…Flipster? Virtual Magazines! 

Another resource that I’ve been meaning to check out (which is also accessible to TAMU-CC students, faculty, and staff) is our virtual magazine service, Flipster! Here you can find virtual versions of the latest and past issues of magazines such as Time, Vogue, The New Yorker, Sports Illustrated, National Geographic…the list goes on. I plan on opening up the website in the browser on my tablet for a larger screen and try to see if I can capture a magazine-like experience. I think it’s so neat with just how much we have access to through this service.

Graphic that says, "No Matter How Far Away You Roam...Your Library is Here for You!"

No Matter How Far Away You Roam…Your Library is Here for You!

While there are many things you can do at the Bell Library while you’re physically here, the library can also meet you right at home! I hope that by sharing my ideas (and possibly-cheesy incorporation of Christmas songs) has helped inspire you to explore these resources on your own and think about how you can use your library at home.

If you have free-time on your hands and want to get in touch with your creativity, get immersed in a docuseries, catch up on a virtual workshop you may have missed, or re-watch one of our online events, consider checking out what the Bell Library has online.

Also, our Ask Us chat is available 24/7 if you have any questions about these resources!

Emma Drumright

Library Specialist II

Communications and Public Programming, Office of the Dean of Libraries