How to: Heart Shaped Pillow

Valentine’s Day is here! Many may disagree but Valentine is my favorite holiday with the hearts, crazy cards, and colors are so fun! No matter who you are spending it with or if it’s a day full of self-care we at the I-Create lab want you to have an amazing Valentine’s Day! I will be showing how to create a heart-shaped pillow perfect for every day and a very cute Valentine’s gift! The best part is you can create this using the embroidery and sewing machine! Creating this at the lab will be simple however, before starting we must go through some important information. Most of the lab’s equipment has a fee. The sewing machine fee is for students, faculty & staff 1.00 while Community users are 1.50 per half hour. The lab only has the equipment patrons can use. We do not sell fabric or extra accessories these need to be purchased before coming to the lab. As always, the staff in the lab will always be ready and willing to help with any equipment you may want to use! Now let’s get started on making the pillow!

Text says, "What you will need." Icons of fabric, fluff, scissors and measuring tape, and accessories are shown.

What you will need:

  • Fabric (Any kind is good)
  • Fluff
  • Scissors + Measuring Tape
  • Accessories (Any of your choice)

Now before we start, I must warn you that this took two trail runs as I am not a master sewer. Also, this is my first time making a pillow! So, do not feel bad if this takes you time to make a pillow to your liking. Keep in mind the pillow will look a lot cuter when it is stuffed! Do not harp on any mistakes along the way! Just keep going!

I started off cutting out my fabric into two heart shapes. I did this was folding my fabric in half and making a line on the fabric. Make sure you are using a pen to do this on the back of the fabric. This was the easiest way for me to do this but feel free to try other ways of getting the heart. Here is where you can add any accessories you want because after this will be sewing the two pieces together. After sewing pillows with lace ends, I wanted to incorporate this into my pillow! I wanted the lace to appear puffy to achieve this pleaded the lace every two inches was pleaded. The pleats are not perfect but, nothing needs to be!

Time to sew everything together! Now the lace can be sewn in between the fabric. This look was not to my liking so, I placed the lace on top. Sewing was a struggle as the lace made it difficult to make sure everything was sewing together. If you go slow with the sewing process the pillow will look great! I do highly recommend pinning everything in place beforehand and doing one side at a time. KEEP IN MIND to NOT SEW the whole sides together as you need an opening to stuff the pillow.

Image of the final product, the stuffed heart pillow!

I hope you enjoyed to tutorial and have created an amazing pillow! No matter how many tries it took! No matter the project, the I-Create lab cannot wait to assist and see your creations! Reminder reservations for any equipment can be made on the I-Create lab homepage. (Walk-ins are acceptable; however, reservations are a priority!)

By Soleil Garcia

I-Create Lab Student Assistant