The One Button Studio: A Tutorial

HEEELLLOOO ISLANDERS!! It has been a minute since an I-Create Lab blog post! I love making these blogs for you all (even if I run out of ideas most of the time). However, this month I have some very exciting news for you all! As many of you may know, the I- Create lab was under construction last semester. Being built was a One Button Studio. A One Button Studio is a soundproof room that students and staff can use for lectures, presentations, and musical needs! All of this is very exciting! Early last month the studio had a soft launch where staff in the library learned about the studio. Since then, the studio has gone through more trials and is ready to use! To better understand the One Button Studio, let me walk you through what you can do!

First, there are some rules before going into the studio. The One Button Studio requires a specific flash drive a USB 3 drive, formatted in NTFS. If you do not have this type of flash drive, do not worry! The I-Create Lab can provide you with one to borrow. The studio is like other equipment in the lab – it can be reserved ahead of time. To create a reservation, follow this link: One Button Studios Space Reservation.

Once this is done, you can walk into one of two studios at your reserved time. Studio Two is predominantly single-use, or for one person at a time. While Studio Two is smaller than Studio One, the systems are the same.

For this blog, I will be showing photos from Studio One. When inside, you will see this panel:

On this screen are five different studio types: standard presentation, lightboard, podcast, performance, and ZOOM. Each does something different to provide the best quality and sound for your video.

Let’s go through each!

In a standard presentation, the green screen in the back of the room will drop down, and the screen at the front of the room will turn on. Shown will be the room you are in. To have the green screen be a full screen, you can move the camera using the control panel. Here you will be able to move the camera left, right, up, down, and center.

Lightboard presentation allows you to draw on the light board in the studio. There is a camera inside the board which allows notes to be taken while performing any lecture or speech. There is a light inside of the screen for a clear look at the notes made.

Podcast mode sets on lights in the back of the room and microphone to create the best-sounding podcast!

Performance mode does the same actions to provide the best sounding audio.

The Zoom button turns on the camera and faces towards the main computer so your viewers can see you. Sign in to Zoom as you would normally do, and you are ready to go!

The I-Create Lab cannot wait to see what you create, Islanders!!

Soleil Garcia

I-Create Lab Student Assistant