HOLIDAY MADNESS with the Bell Library!

Do you ever wonder what your Library Faculty & Staff do to unwind and have a good laugh? Well, the library is full of spunky and funny individuals that come together to cheer one another on and bring smiles to each other’s faces. I’m Julie Sanchez and I can tell you that behind the scenes we have our good laughs to power us through our days. We love celebrating holidays and spreading cheer and here are some funny times we’ve had throughout this past year! 😊

We here at the library have understood that the well being of employees is important and we always encourage fun activities that bond departments within the library to create a sense of unity that we are all in this together not only to better ourselves but also to provide better services to our patrons, students, and faculty/staff. Ensuring that our creative minds are flourishing, we love hosting and creating joke-filled graphics.

For instance, we here at the library love celebrating fun and cheer and is there any better way than to dress to impress? Here are some wacky outfits through the year by yours truly. The understanding is that laughter truly brings us together as a whole regardless of what may come we enjoy these moments with one another and boost our spirits for the next coming days and find joy in what we do and who we do this all for. Days spent together are more enjoyable when we have fun and crazy memories to look back upon. Here is a link to our funny Christmas at Mary and Jeff Bell Library as a special treat. 😊

Julie Sanchez

Library Technology Services, Computer Support Specialist

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