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Unexpected and Still Historic

People expect the archives to be a serious place filled with staunch academic research. While it is that, it is also so much more. For the staff of Special Collections and Archives sometimes the unexpected is the most exciting part of our collections. The Charles F.H. von Blucher papers are historic, they document the settling of South Texas. These papers start in the mid-1800s and follow the Blucher family through several generations. The Bluchers were surveyors and engineers which makes…

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What is in a Picture?

What is in a picture? Clearly, this seems like a straightforward answer. When you look at the picture it is apparent what is captured, but is it really? Pictures capture the lived experience, something that the written record cannot grasp. Images show the lived life, it gives a new layer of historical research. While photographs certainly can cover the basics of people, events, and places, they also add a visual layer. The modern researcher can see these things as they…

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Food and Memories

One of the first memories I have is of food. I remember my birthday cake, my mom made it for me, it was yellow cake and had a really sweet peanut butter frosting. This memory is not much of a memory but every year that is the cake I wish I had. Food memories might seem basic, everyone eats. This is true, food is a part of our daily life so in some ways it is very mundane. Food is…

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Most students would say the inspiration behind their projects lay in due dates assigned but it is rarely that simple. While the due date is a vital component, it only inspires the completion of the products and not the subjects. The library is full of inspiring ideas. This can aid in research but also in all aspects of life. The impact of libraries start in our youth. I remember story time when I was little, and the joy of picking…

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100 Years After the Storm

While Hurricane Harvey is still fresh in everyone’s memories, this is not the only storm to leave an impact on Corpus Christi. Hurricanes have marked Corpus Christi’s history and culture. Each storm impacted the city and changed its landscape. The engineering of downtown revolves around the impact of hurricanes. In the late 1800s many hurricanes molded Texas. A storm leveled Indianola in 1875 and again in 1886. After these twin storms the settlement disperse instead of rebuilding on the coast.…

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History Harvest: A Connection to the Community

Remember when? Remember when the Harbor Bridge was built?  Hurricane Celia?  The Buccaneer Days Parade?  High school rivalries?  Selena on the Domingo Show?  Concerts at the Memorial Coliseum?  The civil rights marches that changed our city?  South Texas has a rich history and your memories can help us understand the important events and experiences that have shaped the region. Every family has a story and individually these memories make our community what it is, and some of those important memories…

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