Happy New Year, Islanders!

It’s always exciting to get a new semester started – the energy is off the charts! We’re all in this adventure together and it’s a great way to start the year off. If you’re returning to campus – welcome back! If you’re new to TAMU-CC, welcome to the Island! We’re finishing up some construction projects and putting some final touches on new library spaces. There are some really cool things happening in the library this year. We’ll keep you updated…

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We’re back!

The Library Blog is back! We took the opportunity to shake things up and we’re excited to get posting! Everything will look a bit different, but in the best way. You can leave a comment on your favorite posts and let us know what you think. When something resonates, you can chime in. We’ve added some new folks to our blog team, so you’ll be hearing from more voices very soon. We’re really excited about the search feature! Want to…

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A Time for Celebration: Public Art

One of the joys of working in a college library is keeping in sync with the academic calendar. There are some pretty cool events, exhibits, and celebrations to look forward to. It is inspiring and energizing to engage new students in library traditions every year. Being a part of the discovery of our banned books celebration and the riotous fun of Escaping the Library during International Games Week – it truly is great fun! Being in a college library filled with art…

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What do you miss?

Restrictions are starting to ease – for better or worse. Vaccines are on the rise – thank goodness! I don’t often focus on what I’m missing. I’m not really hoping for a “return to normal” I’m not sure I know what that would look like anymore. For some people it’s hanging out with a group of friends or attending big family gatherings – others miss movie theaters and the energy of live music. For the most part, I’ve been incredibly…

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Weight and Weightless: A Pop-up Exhibition

The COVID-19 Pandemic has made some changes to our gallery schedule and we’ve missed hosting a few of our traditional exhibits. We are excited to share some new discoveries as we explore opportunities to showcase the amazing creativity of our Islanders! Our most recent pop-up exhibition includes sculpture pieces from the foundations courses taught by Leticia Bajuyo and David Hill. Each assignment had unique requirements that lead to the pieces we saw in the show. Students in Professor Bajuyo’s course…

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What’s in Your Cell Phone?

Do you know where your phone is? Chances are, it’s within easy reach…you might even be reading this post from your phone. These things are amazing…you can check recipe ingredients while standing in the grocery store, grab a short video to help you accomplish a quick hack, or pay for that almond croissant at your favorite corner pastry shop. You can call people too (although I don’t actually use my phone for this much.) In addition to offering us a…

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Updates and Changes to Library Resources and Services

As we transform our spring courses to online delivery, some changes will need to take place to help us successfully navigate the rest of this semester. We are following University guidelines and changing some of our resources and services to offer students, faculty, and staff find the help that they need in the transition. For the health and safety of the Island community we have made the following changes: At this time, the library will remain open Monday – Thursday…

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If you’ve noticed any strange occurrences – or been affected by the presence of Dinosaurs in your library, we encourage you to follow the library on Instagram (tamucclibrary) and know that you are not alone. Do not under any circumstances feed, approach, or startle any dinosaurs you may discover.

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Join the Library Islander Board!

Did you know that the library has opened a call for applications for the new LIB: Library Islander Board? The Board will be our first student advisory group that will help us create spaces, resources, and services with student input and direction. Members will represent a variety of student populations and engage with the library in some pretty cool projects! They will help promote library resources, services, and events and participate in user experience research. All current students are eligible…

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