Creating Flowers in the I-Create Lab

This blog was written in May…but we figure June flowers can be just as pretty. Enjoy!

As the famous saying goes “April Showers Bring May Flowers,” the I-Create Lab is looking at what “flowers” we can create right in our space. Enjoy a look at some of the ways you can utilize our space and equipment to bring your flowery creations to life.


With the Cricut you can turn paper, or vinyl into works of art. We started with a simple design that was cut out by the Cricut and turned it into a cute tulip you could decorate your house with or send to a family member, crush, or friend.


Much like the 3D printer, there are several repositories and free sources you can find SVG files to use with the Cricut software. This tulip pattern was found at To access the free resource tab, you need to provide your email for a free subscription to access all the crafts located on that website. If you do not feel like getting more junk mail, the Cricut site offers a host of free and paid for design ideas. You can also try to create your own design in the lab utilizing the Adobe Suite.

Large Format Printer

The Large Format Printer can be utilized to make posters, stickers, PowerPoint presentation and anything else you can think that requires a 2D print. For this print, we decided to make a weekly calendar and spruce it up with a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the corner. You can add magnets to the back and hang them on the refrigerator or put a tack in it and pin to a wall. It is a great look for any room to help keep you organized and remind you of the beauty that flowers hold.


3D Printer

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” (quote from Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, CA. 1600). This rose may not smell sweet, but it sure is a pretty sight to be seen. Our 3D printer had a hand in bringing this scentless flower to life with the help of a paint job and maybe a little spray you could mistake it for a real rose at first glance. You can create your own 3D design or find a design on a free repository site like Thingiverse. 


Sewing Machine

The sewing machine has a ton of stitching patterns to select from that can add a little floral design to anything you own. You can use these stitches to add a little extra deign to a project you are working on or even sew along the hem of your shirt to provide a clover like pattern. We showcase one/a few of these stitches in tandem with the embroidery machines final creation seen below.

Embroidery Machine

The embroidery machine offers a wide variety of built-in patterns that you can use to make a custom piece with all sorts of intricate floral patterns. If your item can fit firmly in one of the two hoop sizes, it can be embroidered. One great idea is to monogram hand towels and put a beautiful flower border around the area. If you have a simple pattern you have made, you can bring in the file as a .png or an adobe suite file (PSD or AI) to turn it into an embroidery file.


CNC Router

For the CNC Router, we took a quick trip on Google and searched for “Free SVG Flower Designs.” What we found was this pretty design which we carved into the wood the wood of our choice. To use the CNC Router, we had to select the correct bit and insert it into the CNC Router, then let the machine do the rest with some guidance. The final product was interesting, and we decided to give it a little more pop with a colored resin. If you have the chemicals to make a resin pour, you can add a little extra to a wood piece you have carved out. Not only can the CNC Router carve much deeper into wood than the laser cutter, it can also provide detailed and intricate shapes like the face inside the leaves.


Laser Cutter

Clipart can be your best friend when you are designing something for the laser cutter. A set of four coasters were created here in the lab with a simple design and some added wording to fit the season. The laser cutter is also capable of cutting out patterns or etching designs into items. If you have a set of glasses you are looking to spruce up, the laser cutter might be a great option for that project.


A Little Extra

To add to the flower power, here is a look at a few fun creations we made without the use of our machines. The first one is part of our LEGO set that was created using a design book. It is a little flora and fauna that resides under the sea.


We also have our beautiful Q-tip painting you can do right at home. All you need is a canvas, a Q-tip and some paint. Follow along with our video created by our amazing Student Worker Skally:


Before you come into the lab, make sure to make your reservation with the equipment you are interested in using. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the I-Create Lab at 361-825-2311 or