Winter Reading Challenge

Winter Break is here!! I know what you’re thinking. It’s time to sleep in, stay in your pajamas, and veg-out the entire live-long-day! Talk about living the life of Riley! I’m here to enable you and say, “Yes, you should do all of that.” You’ve spent an entire semester working on papers and projects, studying for tests, putting in hours at work; you deserve to just enjoy your break. It’s time to kick back and chill out. Pull out the comfy…

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Another (Very Important) Library

Hopefully, if you’re reading this blog, you’re a fan of the Mary and Jeff Bell Library. Our library here at TAMU-CC is an important resource for your academic work. It’s also a great place to study, look at terrific art exhibits, hop on a computer and get those assignments done, or grab a print job on your way to class. But there’s another library that is also very important: our local public library. What’s public about a public library? It’s…

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Upon Sharing Reflections, Challenges, and the Meaning of Success: About Roy E. Stock

When I first met Roy, it was in the library while he was carrying out the business of a routine-yet-arduous task as one of our hard-working custodians on campus. A composed figure of a mature man donning a baseball cap and dark sunglasses along with the uniform, he diligently traveled from one office space to the next in quiet pursuit and retrieval of the daily items to be disposed of and/or recycled.  Initially introduced to library staff members by a…

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What’s in a Name: Getting to Know Library Jargon

We here in the library, like many other occupations, have specific jargon we use in our day-to-day work. We do realize this can be confusing and do our best to make things easy to understand. For example, we renamed the reference desk and now call it the Ask-Us Desk. However, some other areas or words are not so easily interchangeable. Below I’ll go over a few of those to try and help you out. Archives Archives at TAMU-CC refers to…

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What Database Should I Use?

One of the most frequent questions we get at the Ask Us Desk is “what database should I use?” This post is here to explain the basic makeup of databases, the options available to you, and how to go about picking one for your research needs. What’s a database? A database is essentially a container. Think of it like a box. Inside the box are a bunch of journals and in the pages of those journals are the articles people…

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If you’ve noticed any strange occurrences – or been affected by the presence of Dinosaurs in your library, we encourage you to follow the library on Instagram (tamucclibrary) and know that you are not alone. Do not under any circumstances feed, approach, or startle any dinosaurs you may discover.

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A New Addition to Special Collections & Archives

Hi there! My name is Phebe Royce Leach and I’m the new Library Specialist II in Special Collections and Archives at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. I had been working at the Mary and Jeff Bell Library for a little over 3 years as a student worker in what is now known as the Resource Management & Discovery Department before I recently transitioned to Special Collections & Archives. I’m overjoyed to now be a part of the library full-time! My interest in books…

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Stephen King Revisited: The Doctor is In

I don’t know if you’ve recognized the pattern yet, but once a month, we write a blog post connected to our Popular Reading Collection. Back in May, I wrote a post on our large collection of Stephen King novels. With the release of the movie Doctor Sleep, I figured you all deserve a part 2. As a fan of just about anything horror related (and of Ewan McGregor), I naturally went to see Doctor Sleep shortly after it came out. For fans of the book,…

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Glass, Wood, and More Oh My!

As the end of the Fall, 2019 semester nears, the I-Create Lab wants to spotlight an Islander who has been utilizing the second favorite piece of equipment in the I-Create Lab, the Laser cutter/engraver. Jason Sullivan is working towards obtaining his BA in Graphic Design through TAMU-CC’s Liberal Arts College. He came to the I-Create Lab to work on a piece for a class project. Jason came in with high ambitions and was eager to put the I-Create Lab to the…

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Student Employee Appreciation

As I was thinking about something to write this blog about. I was having a really hard time thinking about something that would be both interesting and informative. Naturally, I was trying to bounce ideas off anyone who would listen. I approached the student workers in our department and they easily came up with a few ideas. However, while they were talking, I couldn’t help but realize how much I rely on our student employees. Then it occurred to me,…

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