Learn More about the Library’s Withdrawal Project

Why are we doing this? Removing outdated materials from any library’s collection is a standard and essential practice to keep the collection current and relevant. It improves access to the library’s more useful resources and allows the collection to evolve to reflect changes in the needs of the library’s users. In the past, the Bell Library has routinely reviewed materials one subject area at a time, but (to our knowledge) never the entire circulating collection as a whole. As a…

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Meet our I-Know Student Employees

Within the I-Know department at the Bell Library, we have a wonderful team of student employees that bring a valuable perspective and creativity to the work that we do! They assist us in creating lessons and assessments, making videos, putting on events, and all things social media. We took the time to interview our student employees and ask them some questions about their interests and work. Meet Sean and Carolyn!

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3 Tips on How to De-Stress Throughout the Semester

As exciting as a new school year can be, it can also be very daunting to some.  I remember when my daughter would start a new year, as excited as she was, she would also get a little stressed when it came to managing her school/work/life schedule.  So, as this fall semester starts, I wanted to share 3 tips on how to de-stress throughout the semester. Get Moving – There are many different ways to do this on campus.  Walking/Running…

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Book Review, Free Resources, and New Computers!

It's hot outside right now. I mean people are literally moving away from Texas because it's so hot! Thankfully here in the library, we have A/C. I am an indoor person and while I like to go out and experience things, my perfect day out is one where it looks like it might rain. Regardless, stay safe out there - it’s going to be a long summer! Book Review I wanted to review this book because 1: I have never…

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Congratulations, and a Farewell

As the Director of User and Research Services at Bell Library, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some news from our team. First, the happy news! Alexa Hight, who is our Scholarly Communication and Copyright Librarian, was recently the winner of the Texas Digital Library (TDL) Service Award for her leadership of the OJS (Open Journal Systems) User Group. TDL uses Open Journal Systems software to allow faculty or staff of TDL member institutions to create open access…

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Blücher is a Bad Name for Warships

While many residents of Corpus Christi are familiar with the German pioneer family of surveyors, the Blüchers, the famous family name also lived on in Germany simultaneously. The Blüchers had been landowners and nobility for hundreds of years when Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher was born in 1742, a little over 100 years before his kin would arrive on the unsettled Texas coast. Blücher would go on to match Paul von Hindenburg as the most highly decorated Prussian-German soldier in history.…

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You made it through the semester. Be kind to yourself.

One of the interesting things about working in the library is being able to walk through the library every day and see all the different college experiences happening daily. Throughout the years of being here, we get to witness the ebbs and flows of library use by students as they progress through the semester. It seems that at the beginning of the semester, the library is bustling with excitement because everyone is new in their courses. As the semester progresses,…

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Why do we do the things we do?

During the pandemic, I decided health and wellness would help me feel some normalcy and like many Americans, I acquiesced to exercise. However, I soon realized that exercising was great but tracking my health and wellness was even better. Enter Fitbit! While I choose the device specific for its features and simplicity, I relished in its ability to not take calls and a momentary reprieve from digital content. While I used the app for a bit without social connections, it…

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HOLIDAY MADNESS with the Bell Library!

Do you ever wonder what your Library Faculty & Staff do to unwind and have a good laugh? Well, the library is full of spunky and funny individuals that come together to cheer one another on and bring smiles to each other's faces. I’m Julie Sanchez and I can tell you that behind the scenes we have our good laughs to power us through our days. We love celebrating holidays and spreading cheer and here are some funny times we've…

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The One Button Studio: A Tutorial

HEEELLLOOO ISLANDERS!! It has been a minute since an I-Create Lab blog post! I love making these blogs for you all (even if I run out of ideas most of the time). However, this month I have some very exciting news for you all! As many of you may know, the I- Create lab was under construction last semester. Being built was a One Button Studio. A One Button Studio is a soundproof room that students and staff can use…

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