The Eras Tour (Bell Library’s Version)

As a librarian and Swiftie, 2023 was a year full of reading, and Taylor Swift. Between seeing everyone’s Spotify Wrapped, and reflecting on my GoodReads’ Year in Review, I had to jump on this BookTok trend with some of my favorite reads of 2023, all of which you can find in our collection. This is the Eras Tour (Bell Library’s Version).

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Meet our I-Know Student Employees

Within the I-Know department at the Bell Library, we have a wonderful team of student employees that bring a valuable perspective and creativity to the work that we do! They assist us in creating lessons and assessments, making videos, putting on events, and all things social media. We took the time to interview our student employees and ask them some questions about their interests and work. Meet Sean and Carolyn!

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Keep on Tweeting on (Responsibly)

Something that may surprise you is that I, a librarian, love social media. As librarians, we often tell students to shy away from social media and find “credible” and “scholarly” sources. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love watching TikToks or creating content for my puppy’s Instagram account. Social media can be fun. It can create a sense of community and make us feel good about ourselves. We can also learn new things from our friends and the people we…

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Library Hacks on Finding Information

We all have questions we want answers to. Those questions can be simple, like: what time does the library open on Saturday? What is the weather like this weekend? And what was the final score of the Islander baseball game? And usually, with a simple Google search, look at the weather app, or visit to the Islander Baseball team website, we can find the answers to our questions. But sometimes our questions are more complex, and Google’s algorithm cannot give…

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