Islander Poets Interview Series – Dr. Rossy Lima

Dr. Rossy Evelin Lima, an Assistant Professor in Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi's Humanities Department, is an esteemed writer, scholar, and translator, boasting an illustrious career marked by remarkable achievements. With three poetry collections and two children's books to her credit, Dr. Lima's literary prowess has earned her widespread acclaim, featuring in esteemed journals, magazines, and anthologies across numerous countries and languages. Notably, she is the founder of Jade Publishing and serves as the Board President and Executive Director of Latino…

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Islander Poets Interview Series – Juan Manuel Pérez

Juan Manuel Pérez is an award-winning Mexican-American & Indigenous poet, Gulf War (1991) veteran, actor, former Poet Laureate of Corpus Christi (2019-2020), and author of multiple books. In this interview, Juan spoke about his poetry and writing being grounded in his childhood growing up as a migrant farm worker and his experience learning to speak English from comic books in the 2nd grade. He described the evolution of his writing process from journaling his thoughts to his own self-taught exploration…

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Islander Poets Interview Series – Jayne-Marie Linguist

Jayne-Marie Linguist is a TAMU-CC graduate student and poet from north Houston, Texas. Jayne-Marie described her work as very personal, and her poems draw on her experiences coming to terms with her identity as a fat queer woman, grief, mental illness, and her journey into fat liberation. Jayne-Marie’s poetry has been published in the Windward Review. She recently was a featured panelist in the Embodying Women’s Bodies in Writing session at the 2024 People’s Literary Festival.   In this interview, Jayne-Marie…

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Islander Poets Interview Series – Daunte Gaiter

Daunte Gaiter is a senior majoring in Marine Biology from Dallas, Texas who describes himself as “a scientist by day and a writer by night.” Daunte’s passion is writing and reading among other things. He feels that poetry is a comfortable place to express his thoughts. Daunte’s work has appeared in the Windward Review. During the interview Daunte described the connections between word choices, word connotations, and the influence of his own personal feelings in the moment to create poems…

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Learn More about the Library’s Withdrawal Project

Why are we doing this? Removing outdated materials from any library’s collection is a standard and essential practice to keep the collection current and relevant. It improves access to the library’s more useful resources and allows the collection to evolve to reflect changes in the needs of the library’s users. In the past, the Bell Library has routinely reviewed materials one subject area at a time, but (to our knowledge) never the entire circulating collection as a whole. As a…

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Islander Poets Interview Series – J.L. Wright

We’re excited to introduce our first featured Islander poet to kick-off our month-long series, faculty member J.L. Wright. She began writing poetry as a young girl, publishing her first poem in the local newspaper at age 10. She has since written three poetry collections, Unadoptable Joy, Homeless Joy, and Unsettled Joy.   In this interview, she spoke about themes present in her three published poetry collections, the origin of poetry and its role as the “voice of the common man,” the importance of persisting during often-grueling submission…

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How to Celebrate National Poetry Month This April

April is National Poetry Month, and there are plenty of ways to enjoy and engage with poetry from now till April 30th! Head over to to subscribe to Poem-a-Day to get a new poem sent to your email inbox daily and to learn more about National Poetry Month events and programming on a national level. Feeling inspired to write your own poetry? National Poetry Writing Month is a yearly event where participants take on the challenge of writing a…

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The Eras Tour (Bell Library’s Version)

As a librarian and Swiftie, 2023 was a year full of reading, and Taylor Swift. Between seeing everyone’s Spotify Wrapped, and reflecting on my GoodReads’ Year in Review, I had to jump on this BookTok trend with some of my favorite reads of 2023, all of which you can find in our collection. This is the Eras Tour (Bell Library’s Version).

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Meet our I-Know Student Employees

Within the I-Know department at the Bell Library, we have a wonderful team of student employees that bring a valuable perspective and creativity to the work that we do! They assist us in creating lessons and assessments, making videos, putting on events, and all things social media. We took the time to interview our student employees and ask them some questions about their interests and work. Meet Sean and Carolyn!

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Upcoming Movie Night and Movie Review: Missing

A movie review by Sean Nicastro. Come join us on November 15th at 6:30 pm in the UC Legacy Hall (145) for a film screening! The movie that we will be watching is Missing. There will be drinks, snacks, and everyone will have a chance of winning some cool prizes! Missing is a movie released in 2023 directed by Nicholas D. Johnson and Will Merrick. The movie follows June, played by Storm Reid, as she searches for her mother who…

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