Book Review, Free Resources, and New Computers!

It’s hot outside right now. I mean people are literally moving away from Texas because it’s so hot! Thankfully here in the library, we have A/C. I am an indoor person and while I like to go out and experience things, my perfect day out is one where it looks like it might rain. Regardless, stay safe out there – it’s going to be a long summer!

Book Review

I wanted to review this book because 1: I have never reviewed a book before, and 2: This is probably one of the only few books I’ve ever read out of pure enjoyment and not to test on or as an assignment.

As a huge fan of the video game franchise, I was extremely excited to read this book. Lore in any aspect of literature is something to behold. You know the saying, “the book was better” I believe you are experiencing the same story whether you watch the movie, read the book, or play the game. The only difference is you are experiencing a different perspective of writing in that sense.

Stripping down the book’s accompanying history and reputation, down to the base element, it is a military fiction story. The story begins with a scouting trip, kind of like how university coaches go to high schools to scout potential athletes. Except this scouting trip is to a playground of 6-year-olds to see what children to abduct and indoctrinate into the military later that same year. The main content of the book follows these children as they train and ultimately become super soldiers to fight terrorists. And finally, the end of the book, after encounters with alien civilizations, leads straight into the first game we all know as “Halo: Combat Evolved.”

Looking back the book has some very dark undertones. After reading the book, you come to understand the franchise in an entirely new light going from “super solder hero saves the galaxy” to “child soldier is brainwashed into fighting an overwhelmingly large number of aliens. “ This book is not for everyone, but I think if you are a fan of any kind of military fiction, I think you should give it a read. Especially if you are a fan of the Halo franchise, give it a read.

Other Libraries

Speaking of books, here are other libraries out there that I would also like to share with you:

Clip Art Library

Something fun and useful is a clip art library. Search for anything and everything to find some cute clip art of it. From banners to PowerPoints, use it to your heart’s content.

Library of Short Stories

A free and accessible collection of short stories from the public domain” is the next website. These stories belong to everyone so why not read a few?

My Care Makes Noise!

Does your car ever make a weird noise? Well, that’s a library, too. find out what’s up with your car with this cool and useful website.

Library of Babel

Do you like stories with 3200 characters or less? Well, here is all of them… I’m not joking seriously this website holds every combination of characters that are 3200 characters or less.

New Computers!

In other news, the library has new computers in the common area downstairs. They are all new and equipped with 1080p panels a first for the library so go check them out! And just so everyone is aware, you can see the current usage of the systems in the library using our CAIL page located on our library website.

Thanks for reading my first blog!

Enrique Rodriguez

Computer Support Specialist, Library Technology Services