Hidden Gems in the I-Create Lab

Chances are, you are already aware that the I-Create Lab has many tools for students and community users to use. Star pieces of equipment include our 3D printers, laser cutter, and embroidery machine. While these items are constantly in use, the lab also possesses several lesser-known items that might suit you just as well.

Upon entering the lab, patrons can see a variety of equipment. However, they cannot see the many items the lab has ready to rent out. Such equipment includes a green screen, webcams, board games, a Behringer Podcasting Bundle, multimedia projectors, camcorders, and other useful equipment that can be used for personal and school projects. Patrons can reserve a time to pick up the equipment on the I-Create Lab webpage. Once checked out, the patron may use the item for the next three days. On the third day, the item must be returned to the I-Create Lab by five o’clock. (These rules do not apply to board games, which will be discussed in a bit.)
These items cannot just be talked about, they must also be shown off! The green screen has not only helped many patrons add fun and creativity to their film projects, but it has helped us as well. Being stuck inside all day makes some of us student workers in the lab miss the beach, so we made our own beach with the green screen! See the results of this in the photo below.

An I-Create Lab student assistant appears to be sitting on a beach in the video game Animal Crossing using Green Screen technology

New to the I-Create Lab are board games! Including Candyland Disney Edition, Monopoly, SORRY, and card games. These games can be checked out for three hours then returned to the lab once the time is up. When bringing the board game back to the lab, make sure all pieces of the game are together as the student workers will check for any missing pieces. Us student-workers have also taken advantage of these games. Some friendships were lost due to Monopoly…

Three students sit around a table playing Monopoly in the I-Create lab

A great tool to use for video projects and fun is the Behringer Podcasting Bundle and the projectors. With the podcasting bundle, students can record their voices for podcasting, videos, and other assignments they have throughout the semester. The projectors can be used for meetings and entertainment! In students’ free time, they can use the projectors for movies or to show off recent projects. Here are some student workers taking a break from a long day!

Students sitting in the dark look up at a light-projected video on a wall

All these items and more can be seen on the I-Create Lab’s website. We encourage you to venture out from our main equipment and try the other items in the lab that are just as helpful and amazing! The lab hopes with the upcoming fall semester, more students and community users will use this equipment in their personal and school life. No matter what the project you are working on, be sure to stop by the I-Create Lab and utilize all the amazing equipment!