How to Make Course Content Accessible with Blackboard Ally

With the growth of online, hybrid, and web-enhanced courses showing no signs of slowing nationwide, the need for the accessibility of electronic and information resources (EIR) grows exponentially as well! EIR refers to the applications, hardware, and digital content such as documents and videos we use or access every day. By striving to create and/or provide accessible EIR we:

  • Extend learning opportunities to our diverse community in a university environment.
  • Expand participation in, or benefits from, programs and activities.
  • Keep our university in compliance with federal and state laws, along with A&M System regulations.
  • Provide everyone with more usable electronic and information resources, creating. more ease and simplicity to our daily activities and tasks!

You can learn more about general EIR accessibility guidelines here.

Islanders with access to Blackboard have a unique opportunity to remediate inaccessible EIR or generate alternate formats of EIR in their courses – Blackboard Ally!

What is Blackboard Ally?

Blackboard Ally integrates seamlessly into all TAMU-CC Blackboard courses and is utilized for making digital course content more accessible by providing:

  • Instructor-Specific Feedback to Save Time & Resources: Ally automatically provides detailed insight and guidance to instructors on how to improve the accessibility of their content.
  • Alternative Formats for All Learners: AllyImproves the overall student experience by automatically generating alternative formats for course content, providing students with the choice and added flexibility that comes with a more personalized approach.

See the resources below for more information about Ally and what it can do for you or your students!

Resources for Instructors & Staff with Blackboard Instructor privileges:

Resources for your Students:

Lauran Guerra

Digital Learning and Academic Innovations, Instructional Designer I